WP 7 Dissemination


The objective of this WP is to facilitate the take-up of results showing their added value not only to the SMEs directly participating to the project but also to other European companies which can be interested to them:

- Create a Website, a FaceBook and  a Wikipedia page, (ALUGROUP)

- Publish the most important results with scientific papers, participate to conferences and scientific workshops, (INESCOP)

- Participation in software fairs and in footwear fairs, (ALL PARTNERS)

Presentation activities of the book  with the recompilation of all know-how regarding slipping, (INESCOP)

- Technical seminars addressed to footwear manufacturers, (INESCOP)

- Workshop addressed to professionals of product industrial design and design schools, (INESCOP)

 - Workshop addressed to bussinessmen and responsibles of prevention of laboral risks, (INESCOP)

- Specific dissemination activities aimed to advertise the configurator, (ALUGROUP-INESCOP)

- To develop specific dissemination actions with different scenarios of use of footwear,  (footwear SMEs)

- To organise specific wear trials with their own footwear models with users of recognised standing, (footwear SMEs)