WP 3 Computer DEMOULTRAGRIP tools asessment


The aim of this WP is to assess the commercial software developed in WP1 and the configurators developed inWP2 through their use while manufacturing prototypes of non-slip soles-footwear models (ULTRAGRIP-LINE sole-footwear models) of different sole polymeric nature and different types of uses: high, medium and low requirement levels corresponding to professional use, leisure use and home-comfort use, manufactured with the most frequently used sole polymeric materials in the footwear sector (VR-NBR, VR-SBR, PUR, TR and TPU).

 In this way, the complementarity role in the project of the four footwear SMEs partners in ensured. Five ULTRAGRIP LINE sole-footwear models developed in this WP will be demonstrators of the ULTRAGRIP results.

Besides, in this task another characterization tests will be made in INESCOP to assess the mechanical strenght and the required functionality-comfort in this type of footwear.

 Results of this task will feedback the previous tasks until we get design and materials parameters for grip optimizing.