WP 2 Design configurators of soles


The aim is to reach a sole designing configurator which permits to assess changes in the soles’ coefficient of friction, in a qualitative way, when a given change is made in their relief designing or its material.

Three different proposals are included within this Work Package:

  • a web site platform with free on-line access,
  • a table design device, and
  • a configurator version for PC tablet.

In consideration of their on-line free use, all customers will be required to send to INESCOP some samples of the manufactured soles, so that this RTD Performer can perform the slipping standard test and use these results to feedback the programming of the configurator developed in the current WP and so the prediction software of WP1, all this with no cost for configurator users.

In the medium-long term we try to achieve higher predictive power (qualitative and quantitative) in both tools. These three versions of the antislipping sole designs configurator will be demonstrators of the ULTRAGRIP results.