WP 1 CoF predicting-CAD software

Pisos- The objective of this WP is to carry out the necessary activities which will bridge the gap between the software to predict the slipping coefficient obtained as a result of ULTRAGRIP project and a new software ready for commercialisation addressed to the footwear sector, with the ability to design soles and to predict their friction behaviour.

Description of work:

  • Collecting of TR and TPU sole samples for scale-up study.
  • Scale-up of ULTRAGRIP CoF prediction mathematical model.

INESCOP must carry out the slipping characterisation necessary to feed the predictive model.

This information is:

- Experimental result of CoF according to EN-ISO 13287.

- Measurement of the sole parameters which must be feed in the CoF predictive model, according to the defined ULTRAGRIP methodology.


  • CoF predictive-CAD software programming

- Software tutorial

- Software installation at participanting SMEs