The objective of the DEMOULTRAGRIP project is to meet these needs and to implement the main results of ULTRAGRIP project in the footwear sector.

The objective of this project is to carry out the necessary activities which will bridge the gap between the software to predict the slipping coefficient obtained as a result of ULTRAGRIP project and a new software ready for commercialisation addressed to the footwear sector, with the ability to design soles and to predict their friction behaviour.

With DEMO-ULTRAGRIP project the footwear SMEs involved will obtain a competitive advantage based on the use of the new design tools to develop high slip resistance products, accelerating the designing-prototyping operation, reducing prototyping and production costs, improving the antislip product properties, and reducing time-to-market.


"CoF predicting-CAD software", whith mathematical models for the quantitative prediction of the sole friction coeficient (CoF), and it will be incorporated as a new function into a 3D CAD sole design.

"Design configurators of soles", will develope a new software tool to design soles and to predict their slipping behaviour in a qualitative way. This configurator will be addressed to the general public with
not necessarily a high skill level in 3D CAD software.

"Computer tools assessment", develop a news soles-footwear model with optimum grip behaviour (ULTRAGRIP LINE) by using both types of computer tools: CoF predicting-CAD software and on-line  configurator.

"Guidelines with commercial applications", place guidelines and recommendations on the market, especially addresed to two different kind of end users: sole-footwear designers, businessmen and risk prevention professionals. These guidelines are to help designers to obtain prototypes faster and more effectively, and to help to the proper selection of the footwear in different environments.