The shoemaker’s workshop KOPITARNA was founded in 1886 to manufacture wooden lasts for the shoe industry. It remained attached to this production up to these days. Today, Kopitarna is the only shoe last company in Slovenia. Over the years the production program was extended and completed by the manufacturing of shoe trees and footwear. 101 employees annually produce 50.000 shoe trees and stretchers, 220.000 pairs of shoes and 80.000 pairs of lasts.
More than 70 percent of these products are exported to other countries. 
The fact that our products are also worn at work made us very proud. Future developments are more and more adopted to this purpose. Hundred years of tradition are felt in every step.
Production process has been improved and modernized with the introduction of the latest machine equipment and technology. Currently we produce lasts for shoes (wooden and plastic from PE), wooden and PU (polyurethane) outsoles and footwear. A minor part of our productoin includes shoe-trees and shoe-stretchers.
Footwear is split into two groups. One, predominant being safety footwear which targest shopping malls, hospitals and other sectors where long standing hours are required and there are requests that footwear conforms safety protection standard EN ISO 20347:2004/A1:2007. The other part is fashion/comfort/home footwear. Regarding sole materials, for home/comfort footwear we use soles/rubber that we buy and then either use immediatly or process it so that it fits our needs. 
Our latest investment in production of shoe last is CAD technology. This is a technology which allows the designer, last maker and shoemaker to interface directly with each other.