Development Institute for Textile and Leather, was founded in 1951. The activities of INCDTP related with research & development in basic scientific domains and in connected ones: polymers/composites for rubber goods (specially soles); footwear and components for footwear designing; leather / furs processing; biomaterials based on collagen; modern and ecological technologies; quality control and management; technical services, chemical and physicalmechanical testing in our accredited laboratory; dissemination of technical - scientifical informationthrough: “Leather and Footwear Journal”, conferences (wwww.icams.ro) and workshops organisation.
Department of Rubber of INCDTP is serving the sectors of rubber articles and consumer goods, rubber and plastics, being involved in research, production, qualitative and quantitative testing for new materials, finished products and aids in these areas. Currently, research activities are dealing with: procurement and implementation of elasto-plastic composites with wide industrial applications (specially footwear soles); recovering and recycling by making thermoplastic polymer alloys with elastomeric properties, polymer composites carrying waste chrome tanned leather, aqueous dispersion adhesives, developing methods to investigate chemical and physical-mechanical characterization of the products from this area etc.