Base Protection


Base Protection is the Italian company producing Safety Shoes reliable as comfortable and technologically advanced. Base Protection’s strength is the outcome of competence, experience, creativity and enthusiasm of Professionals, seriously involved in the research of the newest and highest quality standards.
The technological features in innovation are the result of a continuous synergy with the Specialists in the shoe district settled in Marche and Puglia, in order to guarantee, beyond the requirements of the norms CE, excellent performances in term of ergonomy and comfort. In the market since 2003, Base has been growing by nearly 20% every year with a consolidation in the top end market.
Base Protection closed 2011 with a turnover of about 11,5 million euros and has forecasted to reach around 12,5 millions euros at the end of 2012. Base Protection has a leading position in Italy and Spain (60% of turnover) and is gaining shares in the Portuguese, French, German, Belgian, Austrian, Polish and Slovene markets. Base Protection’s customers are Personal Protective Equipments’ Specialists, safety suppliers wholesaler, hardware distributors. 
BASE PROTECTION was partner of ULTRAGRIP project.