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Alu Group is born in order to give solutions that others cannot; to approach necessities where the  ypical technology is not able to offer solutions. In ALUGROUP, we help the extended organizations to  deploy their business processes through information systems development.
For ALUGROUP, extended organizations are groups and distributed entreprises, integrated with their suppliers or clients, Public Adminitration which provides services to citizens and antreprises, and the intermediate bodies mainly aimed at the industrial fabric and the services.
Alu Group is an entreprise of technological nature devoted to systems integration and IT services supplying, training and consulting. It has more than 10 year- experience in the footwear sector and a wide experience in data modelling.
Alu Group S.L. is devoted to IT applications development in any language. The developed technology is detailed below:
  • Data modelling and information systems.
  • System integration systems.
  • Application of ASP.NET and XML technology to different business models.
  • E-business Solutions development in office desk and in website.
  • Training activities development.